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I am finally back here and I am so happy about it. I really tried not to disappear from Instagram these 9 months which I believe I managed to do pretty well but unfortunately there was not enough time for blog posts. And now 5 after giving birth to a little boy I feel like I am back on track with too many ideas and goals in my head, so a lot of new staff is going to be published in upcoming weeks as well as some new projects and collaborations are going to take place here on blog. I don't know why but I thought that exactly this kind of unusual concept of outfit post is the best way to make a comeback ;) 


Blazer: ZARA


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In the end of June I had an opportunity to attend Giorgio Armani make-up workshop with Armani guru Reza Zaimeche at the newly opened Hilton Hotel in Tallinn. After this workshop I realized that meeting Reza was such a great opportunity - he definitely is very inspiring person.

An I was so lucky that I was given one more opportunity to see Reza in action. The next day after Tallinn he was in Riga where he demonstrated 2 iconic Armani looks & shared the backstage tips of success as he is the person creating all Giorgio Armani runway beauty looks.

So now I want to move on to products that I have been testing lately. Here in the photos you can see four products that are totally new for me and one that has been my favorite for quite a long time. And that is Armani Lasting Silk foundation that I bought in the beginning of this year and it is definitely in my TOP 3 foundations I am using. There were few products on my wishlist for some time already and now I finally got an opportunity to try them out.

I will start with the one I was most excited about - GA Eye Tint. Who hasn't heard about it? The most difficult thing for me was to choose the shade as there are so many beautiful to choose from. I have mine in 8 Flannel and I have already 9 and 10 on my wishlist. The colour is beautiful and it provides 16 hours of smudge- and crease-proof wear.

The second thing I wanted to try after lots of reviews that I have read and videos I have seen was Eye&Brow Maestro. You want to hear what can this product be used for? It is a waterproof, multipurpose brow shaper, eyeliner, eye shadow, and root touch-up in one. Sounds unreal, right? Of course it depends on the colour you choose, because I actually saw how Reza used the gold one as a bronzer and it looked perfect. And it can even be worn as a daring lip color what I still haven't tried. Mine is in shade 5 Auburn. 

Another great thing is Black Ecstasy Mascara. The thing I like most about it is the bursh - it actually captures and coats every lash. As well as how pretty is that red stem which is inspired by the red carpet :)

Which are your favorites from Giorgio Armani?

Today I am sharing one of my favorite summer outfits. I love the simplicity of this look. I bought this checked co-ord on Mango sale and I love to wear both items together as well separately. The checked shirt looks good with denim skirts, jeans and almost everything as well as shorts that can be worn with all kind of tops. Talking about the accessories - I am not a fan of mass market bags as they usually look good only for a very short period of time and I also believe that there are things like shoes and bags that are worth the investment. And there are always exceptions and things that brake my own rules and this time these are these shoes and bag that were both bought with 70% discount and were under 30 euros each. These shoes are so comfortable and I love everything about them, I'm sure you have seen them on my Instagram already.


As I have many published and unpublished photos from Paris I decided to create this post about four rainy days in Paris with my favourite places there and of course try to share the atmosphere, so this post is more about photos than words.

At the end of June there was an opening of a brand new Bobbi Brown counter in Stockmann here in Riga and I had an opportunity to experience Bobbi way of makeup and have an individual Makeup Lesson with Bobbi Brown regional Education Executive – Magdalena Atkins. First of all I need to say that it was an amazing hour with Magdalena and I actually found out many new things as well as she gave me few very useful tips I haven't heard of before.

“When a woman comes to the Bobbi Brown counter she receives a makeup lesson, not a makeover. We empower women with the knowledge and products they need to look and feel their best.”
Education is the key component of Bobbi’s philosophy. Bobbi Brown makeup artists teach women to be their own skincare experts and makeup artists. Bobbi’s artists take into account a woman’s personal style, her lifestyle, and her preferences, before applying makeup. Every Bobbi Brown makeup lesson concludes with the creation of a Personalized Face Chart to help a woman re-create her look easily at home.

I experienced every single thing of what is mentioned above and I also took my Personalized Face chart home with me. And in the end of this lesson I got an opportunity to pick 5 of my favorite products that Magdalena used when creating my look. And now lets get to these 5 favorites that I am using for almost two weeks already.

I spent one Saturday morning while drinking my espresso to take these photos and write a review on these products that are my daily routine for 10 days already.

I want to start with the product I am so impressed that I even don't know what to add besides that it is the best primer I have used so far and believe me I have tried a lot of different primers from most of the brands. My favorites before this Bobbi Brown one were Benefit Porefessional, MUFE mattifying primer and Smashbox Photo Finish. 

 This product - Vitamin Enriched Face Base is completely different from those primers that I liked before. It is a lightweight cream that sinks instantly into the skin and creates a perfect base for makeup. It has an oil-free formula and feels rich but not greasy at all. Besides all of these advantages there is one more - it smells soooo good. It also has she butter in its formula and it instantly hydrates, softens, and cushions skin. When I first tried it on my hand I thought that I love how it smells and it is very moisturizing but I also was very unsure how it will work with my combination/oily skin. I was very surprised when I found out that it is perfect for my skin and it is gives just as much moisturizing as I need and there is another great thing about it - it is a 2-in-1 product - moisturizer&base and that means that I need less time in the morning to prepare my skin for makeup. 

When I needed to pick 5 products that I liked the most it was really hard to decide whether I want to go with this Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer or Skin Foundation Stick. I decided that it is summer and that means time for lightweight foundations. With this tinted moisturizer Bobbi Brown says that skin looks like skin, but softer, smoother and naturally radiant. And what is also important SPF 15 provides perfect everyday protection.

And then I also couldn't resist to pick this Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in shade Porcelain. Isn't it beautiful? 
"An ultra-soft, translucent pressed powder that instantly gives skin a lit-from-within glow with a natural-looking blend of skin-brightening botanicals and light-reflective powders." - it is written in product description but I liked the way Magdalena described it - Photoshop powder it is for her :) And I totally agree with her. Skin looks so beautiful and has that natural-looking glow. It can be used all over the face (as I do) or as a highlighter.

Highlighters - they can never be too much right? So this is the newest addition to my collection.

I want to say just few words about this Long-Wear Cream Shadow stick in shade Stone. I love it as it is so easy to use and the colour is so intense and long lasting. One of my favorite eye products this month

What are your favorites from Bobbi Brown?


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