I have already told you how much I love this denim jacket in my previous post. And now you can see why. I really don't know how but it fits every outfit perfectly. So this jacket makes this look "almost" monochrome instead of being totally monochrome. This is also "almost" #allasos outfit except the Patrizia Pepe bag and you can actually still buy everything you see in this post on Asos (see "shop this outfit" below). Another thing - ruffles.. Yes, I am so in love with them that here you can see not only my ruffle detail jacket but also my newest skirt. Another thing that I would like to point out is how elegant and classy is the lower part of my outfit - skirt and heels and how relaxed and casual is the upper part - T-shirt and denim jacket. And I like these kind of combinations because you can always change one thing and make this outfit totally casual or the other way around if you wear jeans instead of this skirt or a classic blouse or lace top for example instead of this white T-shirt.