As I have many published and unpublished photos from Paris I decided to create this post about four rainy days in Paris with my favourite places there and of course try to share the atmosphere, so this post is more about photos than words.

Trip to Paris for four days was a prize I won in Lancome & Cosmopolitan Latvia contest #LancomeBeautysta. That is why one of the first things I did was visiting Lancome Beauty space at Printemps Haussman. It is a totally new concept which offers women an original and personalised experience.

"Everything was done to make women feel at home here.
The concept and design recreates a Parisian flat with walls covered in white woodwork, majestic lacquered ceiling lamps with moulded interiors, book-lined shelves and frames placed here and there."

The life revolves around an immense white Corian table, holding five double-sided mirrors. Women are invited to take a seat at the table and freely try any of the products for as long as they like.
Women can choose a pre-composed tray (36 themes are currently available, including “Smoky Eyes”, “Parisian Inspiration”, “Lifting”, “Night”, etc.) or compose their tray exactly as they wish, depending on their mood. 
An iPad is set up in front of each consultation space. As soon as the tray is placed on the table, the iPad identifies the selected theme. The customer can access the corresponding tutorial videos, look through the product catalogue, take a photo of herself and share the before & after look on social networks, share the content of her tray or product references, make an appointment for a skincare or make-up service or even call a beauty coach - everything about that place is AMAZING and you can see how technologies make it more attractive and interactive :)

After such nice appointment with amazing Lancome makeup artist Adrien I finally started my sightseeing tour around Paris. This was my third time in Paris and I already had my favorite places I definitely wanted to see and of course some new spots on my to do list.
Can you imagine Paris without Ladurée? Personally I can't, so one of the first places was Ladurée and yes for most of the people it is a touristic attraction but for me there is something more than that and I always enjoy the atmosphere there.

There are so many beautiful places on the Champs-Elysées and on of them is Guerlain store for me it looks like a piece of art not a place where you can actually shop.

Another place that I love in that area is the Abercrombie&Fitch store and I can't say that I am a fan of this brand but the location and the store itself is so beautiful that always when I am somewhere near I pass by just to see that beautiful courtyard.

And then there is time for perfect lunch at Tuileries Garden - I love having picnics when in Paris because a baguette, cheese and wine is all you need there and it is even better when bough at the street market.
Fashion break in this post :) As I was also shooting some of my looks while there:

Such a beautiful street you can't just walk by without taking some snaps:

There are so many beautiful flower shops and each of them is unique. Definition of #flowerpower: 

And then there is another morning in Paris.. And you can't have your breakfast anywhere else but in Cafe de Flore.

And then there is that fancy side of Paris with one of my favorite places - Place Vendôme.

And of course I didn't forget about the Eiffel and Champ de Mars. For me Parc du Champ de Mars is another great location for picnics.

Dreamy Paris.. Wandering where is this beautiful skirt from? You can find it HERE and now it is on SALE :)

Last thing I want to share with you is - DOORS. I'm just in love with doors in Paris.

Au revoir, Paris! See you next time.