This story is about one beautiful Friday morning when I got a chance to attend amazing brunch which was organized by Lancôme. Event took place in a very cosy and beautiful hotel Neiburgs which is located in Old Riga. Everything I wanted to do when I entered the room was to take photos which I did a lot. And you know how I felt? Like a kid in a candy shop! And as you can see from the photos the new Lancôme spring collection products actually looks like a candies. Look at them:

I really want to point out this beautiful piece from the collection. This product is called My Parisian Pastels. And it is a glamorous palette inspired by a Rubik's Cube which contains nine shimmering pastels in removable cubes that can be used individually or blended together with a brush to highlight or illuminate particular part on the face. The 9 shades are divided in 3 corrective shades, 3 blush tones and 3 illuminating pastels. I really like the idea of this palette and of course the way it looks. This is a thing I am definitely putting on my make-up wish list.  

I also got a chance to try these products right away. And I was actually impressed by the way that peachy blush looked on me and the biggest surprise was that pink lipstick when I first looked at it I was like: no, it is too pink for me but as it is pretty transparent it turned out to look very natural and what I liked most it is very moisturizing almost like a lip balm. Just what you need when it is still cold outside and your lips have suffered all winter.

Here you can see the peachy blush, pink lipstick and some shades from that pastels palette (one of the brightest as a highlighter and two darker shades as an eye shadow). As I am not a lover of dark shades in my daily makeup these pastels are perfect for me and I feel very comfortable when wearing such neutrals. 

Than there was a time for chitchat with this beautiful lady. Her names is Laura and she is a beauty blogger, make-up artist and stylist. You can check her blog out here. I actually first met her in a way that is totally not connected with blogging. She was doing my makeup on the most important day of my life :)

Then there is a classy scene of bloggers and press event because we can't live without posting and sharing :)

That is why in the end I am showing to you what I shared on my social networks during this event. And if you are still not following me on the Instagram. Than go and check it out here.

Thanks Kristiāna Rožukalne for invitation and Natalija Petruhina for beautiful photos.